Carpo Kolonaki


"Suddenly, just a while ago, Kanari street was packed with the delicious smell of freshly baked nuts, drawing passers-by like a magnet to an elegant shop - worthy of the area - with products one would never expect to find there"

Umami magazine, 31.01.2012

Nuts, chocolates, dried fruits, honey, coffee and beverages. Following more than 20 years in the trade, processing and packaging of nuts, we decided to take yet one step closer to you. The "Carpo Kolonaki" shop was established by Carpo Hellas in November 2011, a particularly hard winter, both for the city and the country. Our need to offer personalised services, to get to know you and provide our products in a more immediate manner, was the incentive that made us dare this next step and enter retail sales. 

With our valuable experience of having worked with nationwide chains of stores, hotels, restaurants and individual retailers and servicing 300 points in the Attica prefecture on a daily basis, we knew very well what we wanted "Carpo Kolonaki" to be. We wanted it to be the shop where one would find fine nuts of all types - for the quality of which we are certain, since Carpo Hellas holds an ISO 22000 quality certificate -, dried fruits of guaranteed quality and good coffee. A variety of chocolates among which it would be hard to choose, the best honey from Greek producers, sun-dried tomatoes and other products that will be available only when in season.

Our diet is not a matter of price but a matter of the values of those who manage it. In our shop, consumers will find only what we and our children consume.

As journalist Dimitris Rigopoulos notes in the newspaper "Kathimerini": "The bright window catches the eye from afar. Always busy and with the aromas of coffee and chocolate tickling your nose".  Thus, since the very first day that "Carpo Kolonaki" opened its glass door, our neighbourhood happily embraced us. In the early morning for coffee to go or with fresh coffee bags for the office and the house, until late at night for a nibble of chocolate for the road, nuts for the movies or the night at home with friends, flavourful tests and discussions among connoisseurs until the light are out and the nut sacks are covered.

Through time we become friends, we get to know your preferences and you, the friends of "Carpo Kolonaki" acknowledging the quality and upgraded products, welcome every change and new suggestion in enthusiasm.  Such as, for instance, the fresh fruit that is available in our shop during the summer months or this very website.  Here you will find all our products with their small or great history that they carry, the secrets and their nutritional value.  All your everyday questions, are answered here: easy recipes, tasty combinations and useful news about both "Carpo Kolonaki" and Carpo Hellas.

Kostas, Vassilis and Alexis warmly welcome you to the website of "Carpo".

carpo kolonaki

6 Kanari str. | Kolonaki
Athens |Greece
+30 210 3605  617

Photos: Costas Mitropoulos

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