Carpo cooperates with very small producers from Greece. Offering the best of nature: 

Kalymnos  tyme honey 
Peloponnese fir honey 
Honey, bee pollen & royal jelly 
Tinos thyme honey 
Tinos thyme honey 250gr 

Honey, this natural sweetener often called "the food of gods" is a natural product, a shield for human health and counts centuries of history. Studies have shown that bee-keeping had already flourished since antiquity and the medicinal properties of honey were discovered in Mesopotamia since 2700 b.C. The flying of the bee from flower to flower, its return to the beehive and the wondrous organisation that characterises it, every stage of the production of honey is a field of observation for those not acquainted with the art of bee-keeping.

However, we are all familiar with the sweet taste experienced in a spoonful or a tray of syrupy cake. Everyone remembers the traditional treat of elders to children: a slice of bread with honey. A spoonful of honey in the milk prior to sleeping improves the taste of milk and makes us sleep better, thanks to the soothing and relaxing action of this natural sweetener.

Great secrets

Whether thyme or pine honey, greek honey includes:

amino acids (proline, lysine, alanine)
plenty of anti-oxidants
vitamins, such as vitamin C, vitamin B6
calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium, iron and many other nutrients, valuable for good health.

Furthermore, it consists by 80% of natural sugars (fructose and glucose) while it has no fat. Therefore, if it is not excluded for medical reasons from one's diet, honey is definitely more beneficial than sugar. Besides, by the 16th century, when sugar was discovered, honey was the only sweetener.

Did you know that...

Honey is good for coughing, for the stomach, for constipation as well as for hangover. Due to its high content of fructose and in combination to the enzymes it has, honey helps those who had a few pints too many to get better faster. Dilute some honey in lemon juice.

Honey kept at home may form crystals; this is only natural. Should this happen, heat some water (not over 50Cο) in a pot and place the honey jar in it, with the lid opened so that you may stir it. Soon, it will return to the runny state that you wish.

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